Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Getting ready

The LavaCon Conference on Digital Media and Content Strategies is just a couple of days away, and I'm excited and nervous and just plain stoked. It's not just the opportunity to gain new knowledge and learn new skills that I can apply to my work, but I'll also be blogging, tweeting, and producing, for the first time ever for LavaCon, a daily conference newsletter. The latter makes for some very long days.

This will be my first LaveCon, but I'm not a conference novice. I've been at every WritersUA Conference for Software User Assistance since its inception 20 years ago, and I've attended the occasional other technical communication industry conference as well, including one in Paris, France, once. Interestingly, I've never attended the STC annual shindig.

As with the WritersUA conference, LavaCon looks like a conference filled with heavy-hitter speakers. I've managed to just glance at the program so far, but it already looks like I'm going to want to be in at least two places at once for most of the three days. I'll post soon about what sessions I plan to attend.

I'll be posting live right here from most of the sessions I attend. I'll also be adding additional posts during the day and night and posting random photos from the conference. I'll even be tweeting; my username is @chuck_martin and the hashtag is #lavacon. All this will give those who can't attend a peek into the massive amount of information available here and give those who do an extra resource to look back and revisit great memories.

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