Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tomorrow Was Yesterday: Mastering the Future of content Creation

At LavaCon, we get presentations during lunch. Naz Urbina tackles this topic on the first day.

 Looking how we think about time, about progress. The Cray 1 supercomputer in 1976 ran at 80Mhz. They sold 80 at $5-8 million each. Now, our smartphones work at 1Ghz. The cutting edge never happens! it's an ongoing thing.

 Maps are only as good as their data overlays.

We're now using multiple screens to get stuff done. Most is still sequential: start on one screen (phone), finish on another (desktop). Moving toward being able to work on different screen simultaneously.

The way we're perceiving information is changing from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, so we must now think of creating content like a database. If we change how we fundamentally see information, search, reuse, and more looks differently.

Modern content experiences aren't authored, but designed. 

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